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 On February 4th, in celebration of our 10 year anniversary we launched our #10DaysOfGotstyle giveaway contest. To enter we asked our readers/customer to share their favourite Gotstyle memory/moment via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course on our blog in the comments sections. The entries were astounding! People wrote in from around the world and shared some incredible stories that literally took us down memory lane. After combing through these amazing entires, we’ve narrowed it down to our 10 best. Here are our winners!

What’s In The Bag:

  1. Toronto Tote
  2. Stolen Riches Laces
  3. Gotstyle Leather Embossed Flask
  4. Gotstyle x Happy Socks Limited Edition Socks
  5. Saxx Underwear
  6. Classic Black Tie or Bowtie
  7. Silk Pocket Square
  8. Jason Markk Water Repellent  Spray
  9. $100 Giftcard
  10. 2 Exclusive Invites To Our June 6th Ten Year Anniversary Gala!


One of many trips to @shopgotstyle over the years. #happy10th #10daysofgotstyle


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35 Responses to #10DaysOfGotstyle Giveaway: WINNERS CIRCLE

  1. RestaurantBoy says:

    The Gotstyle Invasion (Brit) party was just one of a decade of fab parties from Gotstyle. Congrats to Melissa and the team!

  2. Dan Rotstein says:

    One of my favorite memories was walking into the original location and seeing a barbershop, lounge and racks of gorgeous clothes. I knew then and there that Melissa’s concept would be a success! Congrats on 10 years!!

  3. Guy Levesque says:

    Best Gotstyle memory: waking up at 4 a.m. on December 27th 2014 and driving from Ottawa to Toronto with my 14 year old son, for some Boxing week shopping, dropping by a few malls for his Hollister clothes. Then daddy’s turn: hitting the Bathurst store and picking up a beautiful Tiger of Sweden suit, and then the Distillery store for a Strellson suit! Jackpot, and then back in Ottawa by 9 p.m.!

    • GOTSTYLE says:

      That’s crazy- impressive! So glad we were able to hook you up with what you were looking for.
      Thanks for sharing this awesome story and for being part of the Gotstyle family!

    • GOTSTYLE says:

      Hey Guy,

      Congratulations on winning our #10DayOfGotstyle contest. Kindly email us at info@gotstyle.ca so we can make the arrangements to get you your bag! 😀

  4. Kareem Rahaman says:

    Going into the Bathurst Store for the first time after moving into the area and realizing I had a place I could visit every day for style inspiration!

  5. Neuma .. says:

    My first Gotstyle memory was by happenstance – arriving unfashionably early for an appointment on King West, and desperately looking for a warm place to wait, away from a blistery gray Toronto day of sleet and snow. Having lived in Europe, I found the Bathurst store to be pleasantly reminiscent of the sophistication of a men’s store in Italy or France, which intrigued me because I did not know anything comparable in Toronto.

    I went from being early for my appointment to being quite late, and returned to the store after, because I was so impressed. I picked up a couple of items including a jacket on sale that I loved, which was such a good price that I am still convinced to this day that there must have been a mistake or typo, even though I checked with the sales associate twice, and that was ~5-years ago. That experience definitely stuck with me, and has brought me back over the years. Good job turning 10!

  6. choisol says:


  7. Finding the shop that actually matched my tastes. That’s my best memory. Thank you got style.

  8. Craig Miller says:

    Meeting you guys at The Gentlemen’s Expo for the first time in 2013. Fell in love with the styles right away and the staff were excellent. Happy anniversary! #10DaysOfGotstyle

  9. Mark Cornacchia says:

    Ending every visit to the Christmas market with a new suit or dress shirt from Tia and the exceptional team at Gotstyle Distillery.

  10. Dan Choi says:

    Best memory was wandering into GotStyle last year after moving to St Lawrence Market and meeting my child-hood friend Hana lol. Probably haven’t seen her for at least 5 years. It was one of those moments where you look and are like, waiitttt a minute I know you and BAM – it’s Hana! It was nice catching up with her. Since then I have been back numerous times to the detriment of my wallet. Staff is always friendly and I also purchased my Hilton wedding suit from GotStyle. So GotStyle was with me on the most special day of my life!

  11. First time entering your store on Bathurst and feeling so happy that there is a store dedicated on men’s style. It inspired me to dress well, find my own unique style and feel confident on how I present myself to the masses.

  12. ek03yr says:

    My fav moment is Joffrey Lupul’s game day style pics! Can’t wait to see the latest outfits!

  13. Justin Mohammed says:

    Best memory/moment was actually walking into the store for the first time. I had seen you guys (and been following) on instagram, but it was really something else actually going to the store in person.

  14. nitchka says:

    fantastic that you support the forces #10DaysOfGotstyle

  15. Mark Singh says:

    I loved the barbershop! #10DaysOfGotstyle

  16. heavenlee says:

    Finding your shop that matched my husband’s taste in clothes!#10DaysOfGotstyle

  17. Elizabeth V says:

    My best memory is introducing our son to Gotstyle Distillery. A little gem. And all of a sudden I became a cool mom. No more awkward gifts from this mom! #10DaysOfGotstyle

  18. Travis Isbister says:

    Finding a great little store in the distillery district that makes visits out there all the more fun! #10daysofgotstyle

  19. Christine says:

    When we bought our latest business attire and the sales person remembered us from months before. We talked about our shared love for the Dutch (another one of the reasons we love your shop : all the orange fashion).

  20. Steph says:

    It’s part of holiday tradition to grab some mulled wine at the Toronto Christmas Market, take a Christmas card photo in front of the big sparkling tree, then pop into Gotstyle for the best clothes.

  21. Janet Butler says:

    Sorting out that you’ve got a shop in the Distillery! Yay! #100DaysofGotStyle

  22. Nicholas Mizera says:

    Thought I’d check back today, and what do you know! Thank you for putting me in your winner’s circle!

  23. Dan Choi says:

    Woot thanks for picking me! How do we pick up the bag? Can I just go to the Distillery store?

  24. Darrin says:

    I can’t wait for the 10 year anniversary gala! Gotstyle parties are some of the best I’ve ever been to

  25. Bee says:

    Great entries! Congrats to all the winners #10daysOfGotstyle

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